Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My 2nd Watching Delon - BLUE Concert

Originally posted at Sept 25, 2004 - 2.55am


Pre-concert ---

Iyan get there very early, keep sms me where i was, where i was, last she sms me , that people can get in already ... good thing, we were in the Senayan complex already.

Getting inside in a hurry, then find out that we can't bring lots of belonging, including food and bottle of mineral water. Gosh, My friend and I just bought Mc Donald on the way, becoz we haven't eat yet.
Well, we just throw everything on the floor outthere, (the McDonalds maybe eaten by the police who wait there ... ) .. and also bottles of water not opened yet.
Good thing, Iyan brought a big bag .. I put my Delon's book and that hotelier book in her bag. Thanks , Iyan, otherwise, I would be very crumbled with all my belongings. Regular camera hanging in my neck, the digicam i hold in my hand, the bag. hustle ...

We get in the building around 5.30 or 6.00
Of course, since we were in the festival , have to stand there waiting until 7.30 when the show start. While my brother and his girlfriend came there pretty much on time, just right before the show start. He gets the sitting part in the tribune.

19.30 - Derek opened the concert with 3 songs . He has pretty nice body, his voice isn't bad at all.
His style is also quite good. He will have a concert coming in ASia, in mal, sing and Bangkok. Btw, he mentioned that come on, check out my website at

After Derek ---- Stage was dark again, and people in festival started screaming , Delon, delon soo many times .... I don't quite know what his song are but his performance was okay.

then, voila ..... DELON CAME IN ACTION

Delon sing 3 songs --
1st song - "Aku Ingin" -- song that he has in the Original Album of Indo Idol. Very good he looks at white .

2nd song - Very Full and Fast Beat song - used to be sing by Dewa - an Indo group band. Boy, Delon totally charmed everybody, the whole audience danced and sing along with Delon. For this performance, I have to give him applause, just becoz he used to not sing soo good in the Full Beat song .... But this time, he proved that he can handle this song great.

3rd song - Delon sing his Very Brand New Song called "Bahagiaku" by Melly Goeslaw . Melly Goeslaw made this song especially for Delon new album that is going to come out next month (hopefull, the end of October)
Delon said that this is the first time he officially sing this song in front of public. (Wow , we get the honor of enjoying this song for the first time, Iyan! )

This song is very beautiful and slow tempo, Delon is soo good singing it, like usual, this kinda song is really his specialty .... The style of this song, is almost like the "Karna Cinta" song - the one that was made especially for Joy and Delon by Glenn Fredly. I think this song is going to be a hit too.

after that, he actually finish , but of course, we scream , we want more , and Delon asked what song ... we screamed "Karna Cinta" - he sing a part of the song, very beautifully sing , totally without music, we can enjoy his clearness of the song.

btw, Delon asked us to please support him in his coming Up New Album Next month. He would like for his album to reach high sales. <>

Okay, I have to put my comments about somethings else while Derek and Delon performed their songs. Which was annoying and be the flaws of yesterday whole concert.
The music (i mean the speaker and the sound-system) was too overpowering and trully loud that both Delon and Derek 's voices didn't sound as good as they should be. The sound system was such a dissapointment.

After DELON N DEREK sing, they started to do a recheck of everything - the mic, instruments, sounds, everything else before BLUE started theirs.

We had to wait for quite a long time .... while standing there, thirsty and hungry, talked with people around me ... we chatted about Delon, as usual, lah, I started to promote Delon n his milis ... asked new people to join if they are Delon's fans too. ...



They were totally great,
bringing the whole building trully energic and very alive.
I admire their capabilities,
they sing, they dance, they jumped, they screamed
for almost 2 hours non-stop ...
I don't look that there is a change from their start and their ending.
Both ending and start , were in a very good condition.
This is what I call : International Standard .... They were Great.

Of course, since in the place where we stand , there were lots of interaction by them, eventhough, I don't memorize most of his song, I have to sing it anyway ... otherwise, I would look ridiculuous ... hehehe ..

Audience memorize all the songs that BLUE sing that night . Everybody singing along whatever song they sing. There was a present from them , Blue said that this particular song they didn't sing it in all places, we are the second country who can enjoy that song live in concert. Audience of course , Scream very loud ...

I personally like Lee -- so cute , he looks young, his dance is sexy.
( i don't know about you, Iyan ... which personnel do you like)

BLUE concert was totally Very Entertaining ... Full of Energy Coming from them ... I hope BLUE were having as much fun and as satisfied as the whole audience were.

For me, who first only want to come for DELON ...
find out that BLUE is Very Good, Indeed.
Soo, I was totally Satisfied .

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