Monday, May 03, 2010

The Wedding of Jang Dong Gun

Another Dazzling Star of Mine is having The Happiest Moment today
(May 2nd, 2010) ~  located @ Hotel Shilla, Seoul, South Korea

Jang Dong Gun & Ko So Young
i've been waiting for this moment,
to see some of my stars getting married,
why i've waited for this moment,
first reason:  i would like to see who is the lucky woman get to live with my idols forever
second reason:  like Candil said in his song:  "Rocker juga manusia"  --- "Artist juga manusia" (translated as "Artist is also human").  A wish from me to all of my dazzling idols so they can also enjoy a happy marriage live.

Don't know what i wanted to say:
just a pure wish for my Charismatic Idol : Jang Dong Gun...

"Wishing your marriage be strong forever.  
Have a happy and lovely time, 
joining hand whatever the condition will be 
with the woman of your choice. 
And not long from now, you will be a happy father. 
God bless your marriage. 
Also wishing you will still continue your career 
as we may enjoy a part of you in the entertainment world"

this is one picture of JDG wedding taken from JDGIFC (Jang Dong Gun Indonesian Fans Club)
as the original picture source is shown in each picture...

Their Big Happy Smiles say it all
notice from the 2 pictures, Go So Yong wear Different Earrings ... is it the same wedding gown or also different, i can't tell

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