Saturday, May 15, 2010

KSW n His Baby

just saw this picture n couldn't help it to post it here...
aahhh.. kwon sang woo and his baby with his wife...
the baby is way soo cute, very very similar face of ksw...
and KSW just looks very happy n enjoying his moment with his son...

i salute him for being a good father,
despite of his young age and others impressions which stay on him all this time,,,
flashing back, 
i can still crystal clear remember how his way of blinking his eyes,
the way he walks, smiles, and 
how he hilariously just put on his finger towards his birthday cake,
n lick on it ..
all of the action done by him at the time, 
i called it his 'naughty' adorable style...

this is the handsome kwon sang woo and his adorable cute son..

pictures source from:  javabeans pictures are taken @ the time of jang dong gun-ko so young's wedding

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