Monday, October 18, 2010

Korean ~ Indonesia Week

this week started from October 12th til 17th, 2010
have been another Korean ~ Indonesian Week ...

as usual, there is a series of cultural performances, K-movies showing, fashion shows, several cultural performances from both countries, Indonesia and Korea
and this year there is some additional shows like friendly badminton matches between us and korea
and also taekwondo ...

this year seems more specials than the 2009 becoz
in the KIFF  , October 12th
taken place at Tennis Indoor Stadium,
they invite SHINee, an uprising famous boybands from Korea
(SHINee had been known as one of the group who sing the soundtrack of Boys Before Flowers)
from Indonesia, there is Gita Gutawa ... 

Arirang TV had given more than 2000 free tickets (don't know the exact numbers) to the lucky fans
well, we can imagine the crowds and the fans and the whole fiesta who wants to come to this show, don't we
i did register and put my names in their several lucky draws, yet unfortunately no luck yet, hehehe... nothing new in the lucky draw category, i barely have any luck in this kind of  thing...

the K-movies festival itself was aired at BlitzMegaplex Grand Indonesia,
they also held it free, no charge at all to the ones who want to watch,
just call the Korean embassy for the movies tickets ...

as usual, i don't bother to go to any other performances or show,
since they are having them on weekdays anyway,
plus the hectic of me calling the Embassy and getting the tickets  ,
(eventhough all the tickets everywhere is free)
i always chose the Non ticket shows

Actually i planned to go the badminton friendly games between Indonesia and Korea this past Friday,
but just in the tip of my tongue i was about to ask permission to take an extradays off to my boss,
(plus my daughter has one off day, since it's the day to get a midterm report)
then he told me that this and that boss of ours were coming from Korea,
well,,, oh, well,,,
no need to go anywhere if there are korean bosses came,
bcoz i don't want to miss anything important ...

so the only show i go is
the  "Taste of Korea"
at Mal Gandaria City
today, Sunday October 17h, 2010

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