Tuesday, May 10, 2005

DELON, IDOL 's Birthday Gathering

Oh, ya ...
I forget to inform that Deloners Club
is having a second Gathering ....
This Gathering will be A VERY SPECIAL GATHERING,
becoz ... it's also DELON's 27th Birthday ....

Delon's Gathering will take place at:
Place : Cengkeh Ballroom,Menara Peninsula, Jakarta
Time : 19.00 - finish
Chocolate -- Come and Get Melted

Tickets already available at the Deloners' Club Secretary at:
Kompleks Rukan Karang Anyar Permai
Kav 55 Blok C1 No 32
Karang Anyar --
Jakarta Pusat

The Price of the tickets :
Rp 100,000,-

Jamin deh, acaranya Pasti Seru banget ...
Whoever like DELON will surely get Melted like a Chocolate,
Looking at DELON -- very sweet like Chocolate .......

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